Company Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Mission

1. As the beauty partner of our customers, we contribute to the realization of continuity in society with the happy lives and smiles of our customers through improvement of beauty lifestyle involving higher levels of beauty and enrichment.

2. We provide satisfaction from mental and lifestyle perspectives so that the everyday lives of our stockholders, employees, and partners are filled with happiness, smiles, and love.

3. We contribute to the harmonization of sustainable global environment through scientific curiosity and endeavor to prevent exhaustion of the limited global resources.

4. We contribute to the development and creation of beauty culture around the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision

1. We deliver advanced cosmetic products and health foods of the highest quality.

2. We strive to be the partner for each of our customers in understanding their unique beauty and providing the customers with the utmost joy through development of highly advanced products based on innovative beauty research and outstanding beauty services.

3. We create a management environment that promotes the enrichment and growth of individual employees.

4. We will maintain and further improve the trust for our images, styles, and prestige, and pursue proper acquisition of operating profit through our values of quality, services, and trust.

5. We eliminate wastefulness and inefficiency in order to provide the highest values to our customers, and behave in a sincere and serious manner with uncompromised sense of ethics.

6. With constantly high aspiration and passion, each employee will engage in tireless efforts and challenges with a view of the future towards the further growth and development of the RECORE SERUM group.

Our Action

Our Action
With Consumers

With Consumers

1. We will always stand by our customers and make effort in researching, developing, manufacturing, and distributing safe and high quality products and services that always satisfy our customers.

  • We will make effort to provide comfort for our customers, with quality and safety as the top priority. In addition, we will adhere not only to laws and regulations but also to our strict original standards and implement the safety assessment system.
  • We provide our customers with the necessary information in an appropriate manner. Also, we will display and carefully explain the information necessary for the selection of products and services by our customers in a way that is accurate and easy-to-understand.
  • We create fair, creative, and beautiful advertising materials that attract the support of our customers and are useful in the selection of products and services.

2. In all opportunities where we come in contact with our customers, we will behave in a sincere manner to further improve the satisfaction and trust of the customers.

  • We face our customers with gratitude and hospitality at all times.
  • We act promptly and with sincerity upon receipt of complaints from our customers.
  • We accept the feedback from our customers sincerely and utilize that feedback for the improvement, modification, and development of our products and services.

3. We make every effort to heighten the brand value in all aspects of the RECORE SERUM group.

  • We will further improve credibility and brand values by considering the realization of beauty and health in the mind and body with our customers. Also, we will make effort in heightening brand values at all points of contact with our customers, such as in the store.
With Business Partners

With Business Partners

1. We select our business partners in an appropriate manner for fair, transparent, free competition, as well as proper transactions.

  • We select our business partners, which include distributors, suppliers, and contractors, based not only on the perspectives of quality and values but from the protection of human rights, legal compliance, and involvement in efforts for social issues.
  • We do not engage in behaviors that hinder free competition, including setting of unfair prices, bid-rigging, and dumping. We only engage in business entertainment (such as dinner) with our business partners to the extent considered socially acceptable.

2. We respect all of our partners whom we share the same aspiration with and make the best efforts for sustainable development for both parties.

  • We maintain an equal relationship with our partners and will not behave in an oppressive manner.
  • We share the stances regarding social responsibility, such as protection of human rights, legal compliance, and environmental protection, with our partners and encourage our partners to act voluntarily in these areas.
  • We cooperate with our partners in heightening the brand values of RECORE SERUM group.
With Employees

With Employees

1. We respect the character and personality of all personnel in the workplace, as well as the diversity of these, and make efforts for combined and mutual growth.

  • We do not engage in any form of discrimination or abuse on the basis of race, skin color, gender, age, languages, assets, nationality or country of origin, religion, ethnicity or social background, political standing or other opinions, disability, health conditions, or sexual orientation. Also, we do not engage in not do we tolerate acts of moral harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying.
  • We combine our forces with our co-workers and maximize the capability in work.
  • We engage in conversation with our co-workers and act with consideration for personal growth and the growth of other workers.
  • We evaluate human resources fairly.

2. We engage in work in a sincere manner and draw a line between work and private life.

  • We manage confidential and personal information in an appropriate manner to prevent leakage and misplacement and avoid improper use of such information.
  • We do not utilize our authorities and positions to acquire privileges or products, seek cooperation in personal activities, or provide benefit to a third party.

3. We make the best effort in creating a healthy and safe work environment and enriching the minds and lifestyles of the employees.

  • We make efforts in creating safe, clean, healthful and beautiful work environments.
  • We strive to maintain and manage the mental and physical health, as well as to realize a positive work-life balance.
With Shareholders

With Shareholders

1. We utilize tangible, intangible assets, funds, and other types of assets to the fullest to improve corporate value in a sustainable manner.

  • We manage the assets in an appropriate manner and use them appropriately for business and social contribution.
  • We consider financing, investment, and loans carefully and implement these through appropriate procedures.
  • We grasp corporate crises in a comprehensive manner make effort to prevent such crisese from occuring, and act promptly to minimize damages and prevent recurrences in case such crises occur.

2. We abide by the rules governing corporate management and internal control in the appropriate conduct of financial processing.

  • We perform financial and tax accounting accurately to ensure reliability.
  • We reinforce internal and external audit functions for healthy management of the company.
  • We control the information related to stock prices in an appropriate manner and do not engage in unfair transactions such as insider trading.

3. We value the conversations with the shareholders and investors and make efforts in acquiring their trust.

  • We engage in fair dealing with all shareholders and investors, disclose accurate corporate information in an active and prompt manner, and utilize the opinions of the shareholders and investors in corporate management, thereby establishing relationships based on a high level of trust.
  • We operate the general meeting of shareholders appropriately as the venue of highest-level decision-making for the company, and fulfill our obligation for accountability.
With Society and the Earth

With Society and the Earth

1. We comply with the laws and regulations in each country and region and behave with high ethical standards not only limited to respect for human rights.

  • We comply with the laws and regulations in each country and region and respect their history, culture, and customs.
  • We abide by international laws, including international treaties, and do not engage in any child labor or forced labor associated with violations of human rights.
  • We do not affiliate with persons and organizations engaging in unlawful acts, such as those that threaten the order and safety of society. Also, we do not respond to financial or service requests from such persons and organizations.
  • We maintain fair and highly transparent relationships with governments and public authorities.

2. We promote environmental measures set according to our unique and strict standards and provide consideration for biodiversity to create a sustainable society with beauty for the people and the Earth.

  • We make the best effort in minimizing climate change through measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including CO2. Also, we control the chemical substances appropriately to prevent pollution in the atmosphere, water, and the soil.
  • We make efforts when developing new products and services for the achievement of both beauty and environmental consideration.
  • We actively engage in the development of new technology that achieves both environmental measures and business activities.

3. We enrich mutual communication with the wide scope of society and seek to resolve social challenges through cooperation.

  • We seek to widely engage in conversation with the society, engage in activities to invigorate and make people healthy through make-up, activities in support of women, cultural activities, and environmental activities to meet the expectations of the global society.
  • We further the interactions with the local society where the office is located and fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen through local contribution activities.