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Enchanting approach with dense skin comfort
For firm, textured, moist and lustrous skin

Richly blended with carefully selected marine beauty ingredients, this lotion spreads over the skin to keep it supple and supple. A highly moisturizing lotion that focuses on luxurious skin feel and moisture. Enjoy the rich feel of PAUSEILE™*1, which fully moisturizes every corner of the stratum corneum. An aging care*2 lotion with an exquisitely moisturizing texture that protects the skin from dryness and damage, leaving it moisturized, smooth, lustrous, and youthful.

Internal capacity: 120ml

*1 Bacillus fermented product (skin conditioning)
*2 Age-appropriate care

After washing your face in the morning and evening, take 3 pushes and apply it to the entire face.

Water, BG, glycerin, DPG, fermented bacillus, wakame extract, Ascophyllum nodosum extract, Laminaria digitata extract, Artemia extract, Pseudoalteromonas fermented extract, Crismum maritimum callus culture, water-soluble proteoglycan, yeast extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, chlorella extract, hawthorn extract, jujube fruit extract, apple fruit extract, orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, grapefruit fruit extract, watermelon seed oil, yellowfin bark extract, acetylhydroxyproline, glucosyl hesperidin, ectoin, Retinol, retinol palmitate, cyanocobalamin, tocopherol, citric acid, sodium citrate, salicylic acid, sodium salicylate, isomerized sugar, sorbitol, hydrogenated lecithin, glyceryl caprylate, diglycerin, tri(caprylic/capric) glyceryl, ( Eicosanedioic acid/tetradecanedioic acid) polyglyceryl-10, cholesteryl butyrate, dihydrocholesteryl butyrate, dihydrocholesteryl oleate, phytosteryl oleate, cholesteryl nonanoate, hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycosyl trehalose, sorbitan isostearate, methyl gluceth- 10, propanediol, (acrylates/alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, (hydroxyethyl acrylate/acryloyldimethyltaurate Na) copolymer, xanthan gum, corn oil, PEG-20 hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-60 water Added castor oil, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, sodium tocopheryl phosphate, trilaureth-tetraphosphate, sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, fragrance

*Some of the ingredients may differ from the actual ingredients due to product improvements, changes in display methods, etc. Please check the product label for the actual ingredients.

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